Architectural Design & Development Services

Michael Ooh Choon Him

Qualification : University of Singapore; Post-grad Dip (Hons.) in Architecture, Thames Polytechnic, London. Professional membership with Board of Architects, Malaysia; Malaysian Institute of Architects, Royal Institute of British Architects (Chartered Architect), Malaysian institute of Interior Designers.

Experience : More than 25 years of experience in architecture, involved in the designing of various building structures in Riyadh, London, etc, and holding of the position as senior architect in the Building Department at the Penang Town Council.

Base : Penang, Malaysia.

Dr. Hossein Rezai Jorabi

Qualification : Dr Rezai-Jorabi was awarded a Ph.D. in 1985 for his work on reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures. He further pursued his research interest on a post-doctorate research programme on the assessment and upgrading of existing structures before joining the industry in January 1987. In the past nineteen years he has been involved with the design and development of a number of fairly high profile structures in the UK, South East Asia and abroad.

He has also been a visiting lecturer to the University of Westminster, London where he has supervised a Ph.D. project at the school of Architecture and Engineering. He currently assists on a part-time basis at the School of Architecture of the National University of Singapore.

His research work has generated a number of technical papers in various national and international publications including the Structural Engineer (UK), the American Concrete Institute Journal and the Journal of the Singapore Institute of Architects.

Professional Qualifications :

  • B.Sc. (Eng.), Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Ph.D., Structural Engineering
  • M.I. Struct.E, Member of Institution of Structural Engineers
  • C.Eng., Chartered Engineer
  • M.I.E.S., Member of Institution of Engineers, Singapore
  • A.M.S.I.Arb., Associate Member of Singapore Institute of Arbitrators
  • M.S.S.S.S., Member of Singapore Structural Steel Society


Experience : Dr. Rezai-Jorabi has been in professional service since 1978. In 1996, he founded Web Structures. Today Web Structures has a 60-strong team of talented experts working from offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London and Shanghai.

Web Structures is an internationally-acclaimed civil, structural and geotechnical engineering consultancy delivering high quality solutions across the globe…. The company is a pioneer of “Fusion Engineering” – using cost efficiencies to redefine engineering excellence through true innovation and design – enabling groundbreaking architecture to become building reality.

Web Structures’ diverse portfolio includes work on award-winning suspension bridges, luxury resort hotels, residential skyscrapers and complex commercial and industrial projects.

Its awards include a 2008 “Construction Excellence Award” from the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore for its work on the high-profile Baywater Development and a 2005 RIBA Worldwide Awards for Lincoln Modern property development in Singapore.

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Base : Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai.