Country Representatives

India – P. K. Devidas

Mr. Devidas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Madras University. He established a long and distinguished career in the airlines industry spanning almost 45 years with stints Indian Airlines (1959), SWISSAIR(District Manager), British Airways at Riyadh (Head of GSA) and Jetair Group (Head – South Indian operations).

Mr. Devidas is currently the CEO of UNIVERSAL AVIATION SERVICES which provides ground support services in passenger and cargo handling to major airlines at Chennai International Airport, South India.

Singapore – Lee Yee Mun, Ron

Ron Lee is an accountant by qualification and is a member of the Australian Society of Certified Public Accountants (previously Australian Society of Accountants), and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Singapore. He is also a member of the British Institute of Management (AMBIM).

He has acted as Chairman, Managing Director, Financial Controller and host of other positions in various companies in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. He was previously with the Auditor General’s office in Singapore and also served as a member of the first ASEAN Audit Committee that audited the ASEAN Secretariat.

He has extensive experience in areas such as M&A, logging, engineering, shipping, properties, etc…

Pakistan – Dr. Saiyed Masood Alam Zaidi

Dr. Masood obtained his degree in Bachelor of Arts and completed his Master’s in Economics in Pakistan. Subsequently he obtained his doctorate in the field of Business Administration.

Dr. Masood had provided extensive consultancy work to various organisations in the palm oil industry both in Pakistan and Malaysia, including overseeing the establishment and commissioning of a successful leather factory and a textile plant in Malaysia.

Switzerland – Martine Michel-Chopard, B.A.

Martine Michel-Chopard, B.A. was born and educated in France. She then attended Geneva University where she qualified as a linguist. She also studied Law and Economics at the same time. Upon graduating, she joined a multi-national group involved in trading commodities, oil, shipping and forex. She subsequently worked for several Swiss banks.

Since 1990, she has been working on project financing, mainly in the Far-East and has travelled intensively in all the South-East Region and China. She has worldwide experience in handling projects from real estate to infrastructure.