LEP Global

LEP Global Inc.

The economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region spurred the International Council to assess the need to establish an entity dedicated to the procurement of capital asset from its international network of manufacturers for onward transmission to enterprises, in particular those in the oil and gas and heavy machinery users in the mining and power sectors. Hence, LEP GLOBAL INC. was incorporated.

With LEPI’s close connection with multi-national corporations, mining companies and State Owned Enterprises, it additionally embarked on international trading of commodities, particularly in commodities of high demand. The current focus of LEP GLOBAL is in iron ore and steam coal where advantages are taken of the economies of large trading volumes. The trading of coal is limited to specifications that have high calorific values of between 5200-6700 kcal/kg.

The management of LEP GLOBAL comprises Robin Andrew Brown, Sathish Nair and Prabakaran Mukundan.