• Organising and leading consortiums in large-scale project development, especially in energy, power, oil & gas, telecommunication, etc.
      The success of any undertaking of a large scale depends on membership constituents of its consortium. The enterprise promoters, investors, financial institutions, resource providers, equipment suppliers, skilled operators and prudent financial managers play a vital part. LEPI’s role is to establish such a consortium with the most efficient mix of membership to realise the success of the venture.
    • Commercialisation of new technologies.
      The rapid progress globally in Research and Development has brought to the forefront several exciting and new technologies which may have lasting impact on society. LEPI’s vision is to understand these cutting-edge technologies and assist the intellectual proprietors realise the commercialisation of their dreams.
    • Corporate restructuring.
      Greater relaxation by the international community to cross-border investments and global business activities has brought to bear a rush of complex regulations, both financial and trade, for which strict adherence is mandatory. Multi-nationals are continuously rediscovering new corporate restructuring models to suit their businesses, not only for economic efficiency but also to be tax efficient. LEPI understands the needs of clients and is poised to provide realistic solutions without legal transgressions.
    • Project evaluation and assessments.
      All projects need to be critically evaluated for its technical, financial, and commercial competence at its drawing-board stage before implementation. LEPI’s expertise in this niche area would greatly assist client for a financial closure.
    • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A).
      For faster growth and enhanced outreach, M&A’s are a necessary feature in the modern-day corporate world. LEPI is happy to share its experience for a satisfying re-organisation exercise.
    • International tax planning.
      Global business that does not take cognisance of the realities of the impact of international tax is doomed to obliteration. It is wise to always be attentive and well-guarded to the impact of taxation and changes thereof to businesses.
    • Facilitating a network and platform for business activities.
      LEPI, with its network of clients, professionals, potential investors and prospective funders, provides a great platform for aspiring businesses in the global arena.